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30 Apps in 30 Days

I am going to take the advice of my boss and do 30 apps in 30 days. I am not going to do an app a day though. I have way to much going on to try to for an app a day. I am going to start on August 13th and end on and end September 12th. The list of apps I am going to create are as followed. They may change at anytime and are in no particular order.

  1. Count down timer
  2. Compass
  3. Level
  4. RSS Reader – single feed
  5. RSS Reader – multiple feed
  6. Whats My IP
  7. Twitter feed from specific hashtag
  8. Click Counter
  9. Longitude / Latitude of current location
  10. Decision maker
  11. Sleep sounds (ocean/rain)
  12. Weather
  13. Temperature Converter
  14. Time Converter
  15. Guitar
  16. HTML Hex Code Values
  17. To Do List
  18. Photo Frame
  19. Digital Clock
  20. Password Generator
  21. Screen Saver – Video Loop
  22. Full Moon Tracker
  23. The Wife – Speed dial for The Wife
  24. Flashlight
  25. Password Protected List
  26. Voice Recorder
  27. Tip Calculator
  28. Gun Collection – List w/ picture, serial, date
  29. Flickr image pull for current location
  30. **NEED**

I am missing #30 and will come up with it sometime later.

Starting ACS

I just finished my first week at ACS as a Software Developer. WOW. I was a bit overwhelmed to start with, but it has settled down. We are insanely busy right now. We have several projects that are in crunch mode so everyone is buckled down and working hard. I talked to my boss, Jamey, about how I could ramp up quicker. He suggested doing something he has done in the past to get up to speed quickly. 30 Apps in 30 Days. I think I am going to take the challenge. I am starting my list of apps now.