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App 6 of 30

This is a simple Flashlight App I wrote on my lunch break today. It isn’t fancy, but is useful. It has 2 buttons to turn the flashlight on and off.


Lessons Learned:

  1. AVCapture
  2. AVMediaType
  3. setTorchMode

Future Improvements:

  1. A fancier UI instead of just a Green/Red Button.
  2. A slider to make it pulse


Flashlight – Dropbox

App 5 of 30

This is a random password generator. It has the options for upper/lower case, alphanumeric, and symbols. It also has the option to email the password that was generated. It is not solely my work, a friend here at work helped me create it. He made an app similar to this many years ago.

Lessons Learned:

  1. Switch cases
  2. Dictionary usage
  3. Loops
  4. Appendstring
  5. Send email
  6. Validation check on a text box

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I made a Tip Calculator to help me out when I am at restaurants. It isn’t much, but it is fully functional and I am going to use it.

It takes the bill amount and adds the percentage you want to tip. It then gives you the tip amount and added the extra lazy feature of giving you the final total of the bill with tip included.

TipCalculator Source – Dropbox

App 1 of 30

So I’m starting out my Apps with #30, the one I didn’t have on my list. I’ve recently started back swimming and wanted to know how many meters I’ve swam. Like most pools the one I swim in is only measured in yards. The pool I swim in is 25 yards long and I count 1 lap as down and back. So 1 lap equals 50yards.

You can find the source code attached.

Lessons Learned in this app:

  1. How to pull text from a text field
  2. How to only show numbers for text fields
  3. How to hide the keyboard when I click the background
  4. How to multiply numbers: int and doubles
  5. Bind controls in an app

Future Improvements:

  1. Keep track of the meters/laps I’ve swam in X time
  2. Sum up the meters/laps in X time
  3. Dress up the UI

SwimMate Source – Box.Net

SwimMate Source – Dropbox