App 1 of 30

So I’m starting out my Apps with #30, the one I didn’t have on my list. I’ve recently started back swimming and wanted to know how many meters I’ve swam. Like most pools the one I swim in is only measured in yards. The pool I swim in is 25 yards long and I count 1 lap as down and back. So 1 lap equals 50yards.

You can find the source code attached.

Lessons Learned in this app:

  1. How to pull text from a text field
  2. How to only show numbers for text fields
  3. How to hide the keyboard when I click the background
  4. How to multiply numbers: int and doubles
  5. Bind controls in an app

Future Improvements:

  1. Keep track of the meters/laps I’ve swam in X time
  2. Sum up the meters/laps in X time
  3. Dress up the UI

SwimMate Source РBox.Net

SwimMate Source – Dropbox