Simple Vue Nav

My professional life has started experimenting with Vue. I’ve written a few simple snippets trying to expose myself to the framework. This is one of the first one’s I wrote last month. I’ve enjoyed writing and learning Vue and hope we move forward with it in our apps.

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RSS Feeds in Chrome

As a developer I have to keep up with a lot of information. I try to do that manually through my favorites bar, but it has become annoying to go to every site and see if there is new content and/or sort through what I think is important. Enter Chrome and the minimalist RSS reader.
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30 Days == Done

Well it’s been 30 days since I started my 30 Apps in 30 Days adventure. I didn’t make it. I barely got half way through my app list. I have numerous excuses, but they are just excuses. I am going to keep going until I finish the list. This time has definitely not been wasted. I have learned a lot and will continue to learn, that is the point after all.


Until my next app, stay tuned.